Lavigne Ann
 for Collier County Commission District 4  August 12, 2014




Bringing People Together to Get the Job Done 
For a County with approximately 340,000 permanent residents, Collier County's 550 MILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT is considerable. 

Our county has the REPUTATION of being very "business unfriendly" even to businesses wishing to establish themselves at a site previously occupied by another business.
TRUST and CONFIDENCE in government is gone.
Citizens who come before the commission are often unsure that the commissioners will
when they voice their concerns or opinions. The citizens, along with county staff  are often treated with a lack of RESPECT and COMPASSION

A leader with an appropriate SET OF SKILLS is needed to navigate these times. 

I promise to:

-  lead by example,
-  be a
consensus builder,
-  make decisions by
seeking the truth (while
   understanding the consequences
those decisions have on our future).


The path to an effective government is constructed by enforcing accountability, fostering a culture of respect,  practicing cooperation and collaboration, and promoting efficiency. Abiding by these principles, Collier County will have a government that works for its citizens. The time is now- to bring people together to get the job done! 
If you believe we need these principles in our local government, then please join our team and take a moment to:

Download a PETITION (click "Petition") to place my name on the ballot.  (You must be a resident of District 4 to provide a valid Petition)  Where is District 4?  [This is a large file] - Click DISTRICT 4
Complete a 
TEAM MEMBER FORM (click "Team Member Form").

To support financially, please find information under the
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Thank you for your support. Together we can bring principles and prosperity back to Collier County.

Lavigne Ann Kirkpatrick
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